Fan Favorites: Go to a celebrity’s Twitter page and respond to their fans’ tweets at them. So if @texas_peep tweets at Justin Bieber asking him what his favorite color is, or if she can have a lock of his hair, you reply with an answer or comment. Record their reactions.

I decided to do the Fan Favorites social media breach. This wasn’t as odd as I figured it would be, I laughed more than feeling awkward. I made a username by .@darealashirwin and answered some of the tweets Ashton got throughout the night of the concert. I realize the Donald Trump tweet wasn’t answering someone elses question but I couldn’t resist sharing it. Some of the responses these boys get on social media doesn’t even shock me anymore.

donald trump IMG_6068 IMG_6069 IMG_6070 IMG_6071 IMG_6073

IMG_6074 IMG_6075 IMG_6076

For my live tweet I chose to live tweet the 5 Seconds of Summer concert that I attended this weekend which was 7 hours away. Sarah and I better win dedicated fan award of the year. So this didn’t go as well as I hoped it would. Hershey Stadium shut off the internet in and around the stadium so no ones social media would work. They didn’t want people filming the sound check and posting it online (like we haven’t already heard the songs). I was a hot mess before, during and after the concert. Ashton had a praying mantis on his drum kit and in his words “I’m fucking terrified.” So eloquent.

Screenshot (2) Screenshot (3) Screenshot (4) Screenshot (5) Screenshot (6) Screenshot (7) Screenshot (8) Screenshot (9)

I’m not sorry.


Senator Bernie Sanders vs. Dan Howell

I decided to compare Vermont Senator and 2016 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders and Youtuber Dan Howell Twitter accounts. Both are very similar but there are also many differences.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is extremely active on Twitter which ranges from 15-20 tweets a day. Many of his tweets are serious and contain what he believes in and what he hopes to do as president if he were to win. During the 2015 GOP Presidential Debate he was the most retweeted and tweeted about candidate and he also tweeted the other candidates. His tweets are very well written considering the limit on characters that Twitter has. While he doesn’t respond to his followers much he does retweet them quite often.

IMG_5655 IMG_5656 IMG_5658 IMG_5663 IMG_5664 IMG_5665 IMG_5666 IMG_5668 IMG_5669

Now moving on to Dan Howell. Not only is Dan 49 years younger than Bernie (and British) he is also very active on multiple platforms of social media. Dan doesn’t tweet that often but when he does they are always very well written and hilarious. One major difference is the content of the tweets. Sen. Sanders’ tweets are serious while Dan’s are light hearted. Dan frequently responds to his followers and retweets their drawings and videos of him.

IMG_5639 IMG_5641 IMG_5642 IMG_5643 IMG_5645 IMG_5647 IMG_5649 IMG_5650 IMG_5651