Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Objective 1: Create a Facebook to increase West Virginia Paint Company page likes on to 500 likes in one year.

Strategy 1: appeal to age group 24-35

Tactic 1: invest $100 in flyers for ads with our social medias

Tactic 2: put flyers in cool hip places so ages 24-35 will see them

Tactic 3: offer deals such as $5 off a gallon of paint if you bring in flyer

Tactic 4: offer friendly service and promotional discounts

Objective 2: Create an Instagram and increase followers to 100 by six months.

Strategy 1: become active on Instagram

Tactic 1: create funny photos like paint cans dressed as people to generate buzz around our products

Tactic 2: follow our followers back and their followers

Tactic 3: like 20 photos a day of our followers

Tactic 4: create a special hashtag like #wvpaint and have followers participate in sharing their favorite DIY projects

Objective 3: Create a Twitter and get 500 followers in one year.

Strategy 1: become active on Twitter

Tactic 1: create a special hashtag like #wvpaint

Tactic 2: create original content 

Tactic 3: have contests such as name that can of paint where the most original and quirky name wins

Tactic 4: use discount codes from following us on Twitter


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