Building Buzz

Building buzz for a paint store may be difficult but with my lovely personality and charm I’m sure I could get followers for the paint store. The three areas I’m choosing to emphasize for my demographic are:




Informing- Different DIY projects would be a fantastic way to inform my demographic about West Virginia Paint Store. In a society where Pinterest is extremely popular (especially within my focus of demographic); by having social media to inform followers about different projects they can become a part of with our products, I think it would generate a lot of business.

Invigorate- “Start a Twitter contest. Online Marketing Summit does this well, awarding free registration to the conference for people that can correctly answer marketing trivia via their Twitter feed. Get your speakers to produce teaser content. A simple video would be ideal. However, some speakers (either full of attitude or devoid of tech savvy) can’t handle the video creation process. In that case, set up a blog on Tumblr (for free, in about 10 minutes) and have your speakers call the toll-free number and leave a voicemail.” This would work extremely well if we hosted contests on our social media. One type of contest could be the most creative use of old paint cans, or something made out of old paint brushes. The possibilities are endless when you host contests aimed towards a creative audience.

Engage- After fixing the slight attitude problem at our store, by having our customers engage with us and give us feedback on social media could really improve the store and the shopping experience at our store.

This was difficult and I have no idea if I did this right or not.


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