Social Media Plan

Opportunity Pitch

West Virginia Paint Company originally started in 1896. It was purchased by my grandparents Andrew and Janice Nestor in 1973. After the death of my grandpa in 2009 my grandma has now become the sole owner. My uncle is the only employee and the manager. West Virginia Paint Company has been providing paint, art and supplies in a knowledgeable, helpful and laidback atmosphere. The store is located on 636 Camden Street Parkersburg, WV across the street from Jimmy Colombo’s Restaurant.

Currently, West Virginia Paint Company does not operate under a social media plan. A solid plan would be great for our company because it is so small, and it depends entirely on community support. But as of now our business and property is for sale so starting a social media plan would almost be useless at this stage.

Social Media Assessment

The business is for sale currently and since it is just run by my family it has never had any social media. Our company thrived from the 70s well into the 90s but steadily we have lost customers due to chains such as Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and Sherman Williams taking over. When factories started leaving this area it also hurt the business greatly, since we sold all sorts of metal based paint to them.

(I’m sorry there isn’t much I can say about this)

Social Media Objectives

Objective 1: Create a Facebook to increase West Virginia Paint Company page likes on to 500 likes in one year.

Objective 2: Create an Instagram and increase followers to 100 by six months.

Objective 3: Create a Twitter and get 500 followers in one year.


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