Origination of the IT’S JOHN CENA…meme

A meme is a cultural phenomenon which can be consciously or accidentally created its-JOHN CENA.

For those who don’t know, the “It’s John Cena” meme, refers to the video clip that introduces WWE wrestler John Cena (very loudly). For meme purposes this short clip is edited onto the end of a video/Vine which is meant to be humorous. The video was first used in 2005, while the visuals in most versions of the meme come from the 2012 version of his introduction video.
The original introduction video is shown below.

Here are some of my favorite examples:

The last one is my favorite one.

Now onto privacy on the internet. I think there is privacy on the internet. And by that I mean the only privacy you get on the internet is if you don’t have the internet. There is no privacy on the internet. While we have the right to internet privacy we truly don’t have any. Now I hate to sound like the Unfriended trailer but really once you post something online, it’s there forever. Depending on the site and its terms of the service, some sites (like Twitter and Facebook) store information and once it’s posted anyone can potentially find it.


3 thoughts on “Origination of the IT’S JOHN CENA…meme

  1. All of these have thoroughly cracked me up. I love memes and everything that has to do with them. All are potentially funny, some are just harder to commit to than others. I agree with your privacy thoughts. Don’t post it if you don’t want the world to eventually find out, no matter the implications of privacy that your site has given you.


  2. Wow thank you…I’ve been seeing these strange John Cena related things everywhere for a little while now. For anyone wanting more, there is a “John Cena Dating Simulator.” I’m not kidding you.


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